Avengers: Endgame had a scene in which Natasha Romanoff jumped off a cliff on Vormir, thus giving the Avengers the Soul Stone. Scarlett Johansson shares her reaction when she learned about the scene.

Scarlett Johansson once revealed that when she learnt about the heartbreaking death of Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame, she cried in the shower. Endgame had a scene in which one sacrifice was needed to acquire the Soul Stone, the most elusive of all Infinity Stones.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye was the only person with her and he did his best to stop her but Natasha Romanoff jumped off a cliff on Vormir, thus giving the Avengers the Soul Stone.

While speaking to Ladbible (quoted by CinemaBlend), Johansson said, “I was home on the phone with [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige, and I don’t know how I reacted. I think I was like, ‘OK… ‘ [laughs] I think all of us sort of… we kind of all would joke with one another about who was going to get offed in Endgame. I was heartbroken about it, but I think I took it like a champ. I cried in the shower later, but nobody saw that part.”

Avengers: Infinity War had ended with half the superheroes and also half of all population of the universe being decimated by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet. Endgame addressed the fallout as the remaining Avengers went to different places and locations to get Infinity Stone and undo Thanos’ snap. In the end a past version of the Mad Titan and his forces fought with the Avengers (minus Natasha) in an epic battle.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson’s standalone movie Black Widow released in many parts of the world last month. On Thursday, she sued Disney, the parent company of Marvel, for breaching the terms of her contract by simultaneously releasing the movie in theatres as well as Disney+ in the US and a few other countries, and thus potentially reducing the chances of movie performing well at the box office.


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