While losing hair can be heartbreaking, instead of worrying, here are some healthy things you can do instead.

The Covid-19 infection is known to cause a host of miscellaneous issues — besides attacking the respiratory system — because of the aggressive nature of the virus that causes it. Many people who have recovered in the recent past, have complained of post-Covid hair loss and hair fall.

But instead of worrying about it, make sure you arm yourself with knowledge, so as to get over this temporary phase. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared on her Instagram a succinct video explaining the dos and don’ts to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

“If you are going through post-Covid hair loss, stop fretting and fuming, searching the internet, and signing up for packages and products, and potions and powders for that omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and folic acid. Just rediscover your kitchen instead,” she said.

The nutritionist shared three easy tips to help you with your hair fall issues, and regenerate new hair.

1. Add a teaspoon of butter/makkhan to your breakfast.
2. Have an aliv ladoo every single day.
3. Have dal-rice and ghee for dinner, or have paneer paratha for dinner.

Along with that, stop doing these three things:

1. Do not skip your breakfast. Here’s why it is considered to be the most important meal.
2. Do not remove rice from your diet.
3. Do not sleep late.

“Happy hair days to all of you,” Diwekar said.

While it is essentially targeted at people who have just recovered from the Covid infection, if you are looking to get healthy hair minus hair fall, you, too, can try doing these things.


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